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Wellness Infusion is partnering with physicians to provide comprehensive biologic therapy services in their offices, ensuring the best standard of care at the point of service to patients. 

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Partner with Us

Wellness Infusion is partnering with physicians to provide comprehensive biologic therapy services in their offices, ensuring the best standard of care at the point of service to patients. 


Meeting and Partnership

What we do 2-03

  • Wellness Infusion team meets with the physician to discuss Infusion Management services
  • Time is taken to understand the physician’s current infusion related struggles and or needs
  • Potential infusion space is evaluated for viability
  • Review patient volume and drug usage to determine if a partnership is mutually beneficial
  • Physician reviews the service agreement and terms are agreed upon
  • Once the service agreement is signed and countersigned, the implementation process can begin


What we do 2-01

  • A welcome call is had to introduce the Wellness Infusion team to the physician and office staff
  • Practice completes and returns the implementation workbook provided by Wellness Infusion
  • An initial partnership overview is held with the physician and staff to review the partnership expectations, processes, reporting, billing, and invoicing
  • If needed, the HIN number is requested (Allows Wellness Infusion to purchase drug on your behalf and have it delivered to the practice
  • EMR access is provided to Wellness Infusion for access to patient demographics, clinical, and lab information
  • EOB and payer portal access is provided to Wellness Infusion (track claim status and pull infusion related EOBs)
  • Patient list and demographics are sent to Wellness Infusion and then loaded to the Wellness Infusion EMR (WeInfuse)
  • Infusion orders are sent to Wellness Infusion to begin the verification and authorization process
  • Welcome calls are made to patients introducing them to Wellness Infusion and our partnership managing infusion services on behalf of the physician
  • The Infusion suite buildout is completed prior to go live date
  • Once the HIN number is received, patients can begin to be scheduled and infusion drugs ordered/delivered
  • Final partnership overview is held with the practice prior to the go live date to revisit expectations, processes, billing, and invoicing


What we do 2-02

  • Once Wellness Infusion obtains needed authorizations, patients are called and put on the infusion schedule
  • Needed infusion drugs are ordered by Wellness Infusion from our drug manufacturer (Besse) 
  • Medication is delivered directly to the practice and store in the infusion suite drug fridge
  • A collection sheet is sent to the practice the day prior to each infusion day detailing infusion patient schedule and amounts to be collected 
  • Patients check in with front desk at scheduled time where copays are collected and are then taken back to suite to receive treatment
  • Nurse schedules the patient’s next appointment prior to them leaving the office
  • At the end of each infusion day, the practice sends back the completed collection sheet detailing collected copays along with payment method
  • Wellness Infusion submits claims to the respective insurance under the Physician’s billing information
  • Wellness Infusion manages AR and appeals as needed until the claims have been remitted/paid
  • Wellness Infusion monitors EOB and payer portal access to identify paid claims and pull EOBs accordingly
  • Wellness Infusion manages revenue cycle and posts all remitted payments in their own billing system
  • Monthly deposits are closed at the end of the 3rd business day of the new month
  • Payments report and invoice are generated and sent to the practice on the 4th business day of the new month with all patient and payment details
  • Practice reconciles all payments to confirm deposit and then issues a payment by check or ACH to Wellness Infusion

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