Sterile Compounding

Our validated clean room features state of the art technology with routine microbial monitoring and ISO 5 certification.

We offer a comprehensive array of home infusion therapies from antibiotics and parenteral nutrition to pain management. These products are compounded in our state-of-the-art, sterile, CLEAN ROOM.

Prescriptions for infusion drugs are compounded on the premises. Our state-of-the-art clean room meets all USP 797 compliance standards and is carefully monitored by knowledgeable IV therapy pharmacists and technicians according to a very strict regulatory standards for the compounding of sterile pharmaceutical preparations.

These procedures include:

  • Lab testing of finished products, both in-house and independently
  • Monitoring with environmental microbiology sampling
  • Monitoring the particle count of the sterile environment
  • Proper cleaning and maintenance routines
  • Routine outside certification of our glove box and other equipment
  • Routine testing of our pharmacy staff's sterile technique
  • Proper staff grooming and gowning before entering critical sterile areas

Our dedicated pharmacists monitor patient drug therapies, reviewing medication profiles, laboratory results and nursing reports. They also communicate with physicians as appropriate to ensure proper dosing.

Our pharmacy infusion services are customized to meet each patient’s needs, and our friendly, compassionate staff will support your plan by offering:

  • 24-hour, on-call support from pharmacists and nurses
  • Care and maintenance of IV access device
  • Monitoring for adverse reactions or complications to therapy
  • Monitoring patient response to therapy
  • Prompt, professional delivery of IV supplies and infusion medication

Home Infusion Therapies Include:

  • Antibiotics
  • Antifungals
  • Antivirals
  • Hydration
  • Pain management
  • Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)