For Our Providers

It’s our dedication to providing premier service that differentiates us from other specialty pharmacies in the healthcare industry.

At Pyramids Pharmacy, we work hard to eliminate any administrative and clinical burdens placed on physicians when they need to prescribe an innovative specialty medication. As a result, our providers can focus their time and energy where it is most valuable—on improving the health of their patients.

Prior authorizations are very common in the world of specialty pharmacy, since these drugs may be higher cost than other medications you prescribe. This means that insurance carriers want to closely oversee the prescribing process. Pyramids Pharmacy can take on much of the work involved in securing prior authorizations for your patients, easing this burden so that you and your staff can focus on providing quality care, and ensuring that your patients can get access to the medications as soon as possible.

Please check below some of our referral and prescription forms for our specialty medications.